Richard Farrant

My name is Richard Farrant, I am a qualified counsellor and supervisor working in Canterbury and the East Kent area. I offer one-to-one personal counselling as well as couple and group counselling. I trained as an integrative counsellor, which means I can tailor the counselling to suit you and the issues you want to address. I am member of the NCS. and BACP

Life’s Seasons

My counselling service also goes under the name “Seasons Counselling”, there are two reasons for this, firstly I enjoy living in Canterbury and observing the changes in the city and the countryside goes through with the passing of the year, secondly and probably why you have visited my site is because I observed our lives go through similar seasons. One minute all is well, then something comes along and suddenly we feel off-balance. It may be a recent event, or a change in circumstances; it maybe a memory from the past  or that  feeling of being ‘stuck’ in a pattern or cycle.

I have worked for many years supporting people through life’s seasons – everything from the small everyday frustrations to the major traumatic events that come our way – and I know how helpful counselling can be. It has helped me make sense of life, and it could be just what you need at this time, to make sense of the season you’re in, too understand more about the way I work as a counsellor follow this link.